What We Do

The Rap Technologies Group (RAPTECH) provides innovative water pump solutions for any raising or circulating water matters to the industrial and domestic markets. Whether it is water from the ground, ocean and lake or rainwater collection, RAPTECH has water pump solutions to ensure that water is moved to where its needed. Mining and Industrial applications, as well as construction, municipal and agricultural needs have influenced our engineers in the development, design and production of water pump solutions. Efficiency is a key factor, which not only impacts costs but also reliability, therefore RAPTECH water pumps use high-efficiency motors and hydraulics.

RAPTECH’s trusted, industry leading brands offer a complete range of water pumps, boosters, drives, controllers, and other solutions with full guarantees.

Our senior sales representatives have a deep understanding of the water industry and with years’ experience can assist with any water pump query and suggest a solution. We will be happy to provide pre-design information to help you develop the most efficient water pumping system for your needs.

We proud ourselves with a fully-fledged repairs workshop. The workshop is staffed by fully qualified technicians and include anything from testing facilities to repairs and monitoring. We understand the criticality of any water pump repair and therefore provide our customers with a real time monitoring facility to ensure quick turnaround times with complete transparency.

At RAPTECH quality means innovative solutions, robust design, high grade materials, ease of service supplied by knowledgeable experienced staff.

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